How to Cook basic grains: millet, brown rice and quinoa

millet, brown rice and quinoa

This video shows you how to cook basic grains:millet,brown rice and

quinoa.Usually these grains arereplaced by eating bread or pizza crust

Short grain brown rice is used as rejuvenation cleanse used during fast.

Quinoa is high protein considered a vegetarian protein.Millet is good for

your spleen and requires more water than the other grains.Rinse the

grains and strain and add sea salt and let it soak all day or overnight.

Most grain in a pan can have water added up to the the first knuckle

while touching the grain with the index finger.The water for millet

should come up to the second knuckle.Use a flame deflector to evenly

distribute the heat when cooking.Grains are done when water is absorbed

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