How To: Cook Malawian nsima porridge (hot cornmeal porridge)

Cook Malawian nsima porridge (hot cornmeal porridge)

To make Malawi nsima porridge: Build a fire to heat up the water. Use 1 cup of flour, put in pot of hot water. Allow the flour to sit on top for a little bit to keep the heat in. Then one of the ladies will stir the flour into the water. No gentleman will do this due to the culture. After the flour is stirred into the water, it will look like a dough. Scoop out the mixture and mold it into a ball. For the soup, heat up another pot of water, add the salt. In a separate pan, put in the onions that have been cut, tomatoes, and oil. Fry for about 5 minutes. In the heated water, add cut up lettuce and soya pieces. This is a meat alternative because some can only afford meat once a year. Add lettuce to the onion and tomato mixture and this is the soup. Take a small piece of the porridge and dip it into the soup. Enjoy.

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