How To: Cook pancakes in Stop Motion

Cook pancakes in Stop Motion

This how-to video uses the magic of stop motion to demonstrate a recipe and the techniques for making some good pancakes. The 5th of February is Pancake Day - make sure to celebrate it by cooking up a batch of pancakes, and trying some new toppings. Watch this video cooking tutorial and learn how to make some pancakes.

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awesome vid. but they look like crepes

Fun little video, and that music is almost addictive... I don't think I've ever seen anyone make the process of making pancakes entertaining before.

i do luv it. my favorite is the two thumbs up "gotta love me" excuse.


that was pretty cool... i wish i could use the force like that.

whoa holy son of a mother.....
that was awesome, but more entertaining than informative for the pancakes really, still f*cking awesome tho

yeah yeah! this was the one we voted for!

loved the video how cool

Love the creativity and will try the recipe.


F#%@ing weird, but props to the effort and time spent.

Awesome Stuff. Would of taken ages to do, a thumbs up ,| for the effort.

I love the video and the music

Absolutely amazing. Keep it up! I'll be looking for more of your videos. I don't care if it clipping your nails...that was very creative. Best of luck!

what is 1109 of flour in cups??

It isn't a 9 its a g so that makes 110g do you understand?

Ok, that was cool :)


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