How To: Cook Sanma Takikomi Gohan or Japanese fried rice

Cook Sanma Takikomi Gohan or Japanese fried rice

Watch this instructional cooking video to prepare Sanma Takikomi Gohan, or Japanese fried rice. If you can use fresh saury fish and fresh Shimeji and Maitake mushrooms for this recipe. This recipe serves two.
Ingredients for Sanma Takikomi Gohan
1 Sanma - Pacific Saury
70g Carrot (2.47oz)
150g Shimeji & Maitake Mushrooms (5.29oz)
1 piece of Ginger
2 Sudachi - Green Citrus or 1/2 Lemon
A bundle of Long Green Onion
360cc Rice (1.52 u.s. cup)
- Dashi Stock -
340cc Water (1.44 u.s. cup)
3g Granulated Kombu Dashi (0.106oz)
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Sake

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