How To: Make baby cereal

Make baby cereal

Is baby ready for their first solid meal? Cereal is a nutritious first food for little ones.
You Will Need
* Dry baby cereal
* Breast milk or formula
* Mashed or strained fruits and vegetables

WARNING: Talk to your pediatrician about when to start giving your baby solid foods and which foods to introduce first.

Step 1: Measure the cereal
Measure one tablespoon of dry cereal into a bowl.

Step 2: Warm the liquid
Heat a bottle of breast milk or formula in a bowl of hot water. Test the temperature on the inside of your wrist.

Step 3: Add the liquid
Mix the cereal with four or five tablespoons of breast milk or formula – the cereal should be very runny.

Use less liquid and more cereal as baby gets used to eating solids.

Step 4: Mix it up
Add mashed fruits or vegetables to the cereal once baby gets used to eating.

Fact: Jarred baby food first appeared on grocery-store shelves in the 1920s.

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