How To: Make Filipino pancit canton (noodle dish)

Make Filipino pancit canton (noodle dish)

Heat the skillet then pour the vegetable oil.

When oil is heated saute garlic and onion until light brown then add the red bell pepper.

Add sliced pork and chicken cook until brown.

Then add the shrimp.

Add the chicken broth and bring to boil.

Add the carrots, green beans, cabbage and black mushrooms then bring to boil

for five minutes or until vegetables are tender but crisp.

Pour the soy sauce and remove the vegetable from the skillet leaving the broth.

Place the noodles into the skillet and bring to boil.

Add back the vegetable and mix.

Add the fish soy sauce then sprinkle the peppercorn and a dash of salt.

Remove from heat then place it in a bowl or plate and sprinkle with green

onions and calamari /lemon wedges. It's ready to serve.

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