How To: make Pancakes - the stop motion way

make Pancakes - the stop motion way

This guy from the east coast of Scotland has successfully mated the classic procedural tutorial with stop motion film making. 25 years old. Composed the music to boot. None of the visual techniques are new. But that does not make the video any less satisfying.

Yet another worthy innovation in the how-to space.

Cook Pancakes in Stop Motion

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awesome vid. but they look like crepes

Fun little video, and that music is almost addictive... I don't think I've ever seen anyone make the process of making pancakes entertaining before.

i do luv it. my favorite is the two thumbs up "gotta love me" excuse.


that was pretty cool... i wish i could use the force like that.

whoa holy son of a mother.....
that was awesome, but more entertaining than informative for the pancakes really, still f*cking awesome tho

yeah yeah! this was the one we voted for!

loved the video how cool

Love the creativity and will try the recipe.


F#%@ing weird, but props to the effort and time spent.

Awesome Stuff. Would of taken ages to do, a thumbs up ,| for the effort.

I love the video and the music

Absolutely amazing. Keep it up! I'll be looking for more of your videos. I don't care if it clipping your nails...that was very creative. Best of luck!

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