How To: Make soy oat milk with a soymilk machine

Make soy oat milk with a soymilk machine

Soymilk is a well known alternative to milk for those who are lactose intolerant or just tired of regular dairy. You can spruce up regular soymilk by maing your own healthy recipe at home with oatmeal in addition to soybeans.

SHARE THIS VID IF IT HAS BEEN USEFUL, THANKS!! Myths about Soy !!Don't throw your soybean pulp away!! Click on video response & I'll show you how I dry & use it =) My fav soy milk recipe includes OATMEAL! It gives soy milk flavor & a creamy texture. Soy beans can be soaked for a minimum of 6 hours if you go over, store in the fridge bc they will get sour if you live in a hot climate as I do. Trust me sour soy beans don't make good soy milk =( Portions of soy beans to oatmeal work fine, if you change it beware it won't taste like mine! NOTE: old fashioned oats turn out better (my opinion) but you can use quick oats, taste fine =) Add any sweetner: brown rice syrup, honey, sucrose, and the list goes on as to what you can use. You can also use vanilla favoring. =)

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