How To: Make yogurt from almond milk

Make yogurt from almond milk

In this video, Kevin and Annmarie Gianni show us how to make almond yogurt. The raw almonds need to be blanched first to remove any bacteria. This is done by pouring boiling water over them for a few seconds. To make the almond milk, put the almonds into the blender and add water, using three parts water to one part almonds. Add a little honey or any sweetener that you like. Blend it and then filter it through a nut milk bag. The mixture needs to be lukewarm so heat it a little on the stove if necessary. Next add the yogurt culture starter and mix gently.

Now pour it into the yogurt maker jars and let it ferment in the yogurt maker for eight hours; then remove the jars and refrigerate for another five hours. After that it needs to be drained through a piece of cheesecloth for an hour to separate the yogurt from the water. Finally, add some cinnamon, vanilla powder, and some honey or syrup if you like it sweeter.

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